WP Maker Weekend Series "Bikey Makey": Workshop 1 on Truing a Bicycle Wheel
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image of WP Maker Weekend Series "Bikey Makey": Workshop 1 on Truing a Bicycle Wheel

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  • Learn Cycle Repair
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Bicycling is one of the most popular and green ways to commute the urban jungle. Not only is it easily accessible and affordable but also gives your muscles quite a good workout! There is a marked interest towards cycling among Bangaloreans today and the city has started witnessing more and more group cycling trips and cyclathons being organized by this expanding community on a frequent basis.

Cycling sure is enjoyable but have you ever wondered about the form and structure of a bicycle? How the wheel is built and spokes are placed? About what the terms “truing” and “lacing” mean? Well, here’s your chance to unlock all these mysteries. Workbench Projects is collaborating with Park Tool manufacturers and Shamala Kittane (who has experience as a mechanic and a frame builder) to hold a series of workshops “Bikey Makey” in the month of May starting off with “Truing (straightening) a Bicycle Wheel” on the 3rd. Participants will bring their own bicycles for this workshop. The first half of the session will focus on Shamala giving an introduction about the types of wheels used, what is meant by a good rim, different types of lacing/builds and will also show the participants a demo of a well-built wheel. The second half will get hands-on where participants will actually learn how to true their own wheels using a wheel truing stand.

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Starting from Rs 125 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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