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  • Set in Germany
  • Movie on Public Space


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Wholetrain is a German feature film, the graffiti in public space and the milieu of the graffiti artist has on the subject. The film came in Germany on 5 October 2006 in the cinemas.The screenplay was by Florian Gaag written, the same also directed and led Soundtrack produced. Gaag was himself a former active as writer and graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts in New York a four-year study film. After he returned to Germany, began working with Wholetrain for him. The implementation of his film was difficult. The first hurdle in finding a production that was through the support of Christian Cloos from ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel easier. The Gold Child film production saw the potential and took over the production activity. The next hurdle was to find a railway company that was willing to let paint their trains as the German Railways refused to support him in this project. In addition, they wanted to stop the project in Europe and warn other transport companies. Ultimately, said the city of Warsaw and gave him permission to shoot.

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