Vir Das' Alien Chutney - Comedy and Music
Salt Destination, Mahadevapura

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  • Funny Punch Lines
  • Jazz Music
  • Blues Song on Village Men




Alien Chutney is the late night avatar of Vir Das. This five piece outfit will have you splitting with laughter and is all round whacky.

Punch lines meets riffs as music gets funny with the band's original compositions on a range of subjects, from the difference between Delhi and Bombay girls, a blues song about village men, a punk song about funkalicious pakodas, parsi love songs, tributes to himesh, death metal songs, pop songs, fusion jazz tracks call jezzy jezzy, to (bear with us here) the key to good love with your sabziwalli. If the songs don't crack you up (and they will), the band's constant interaction with the crowd, and among themselves, definitely will. As an act, Alien Chutney is edgy, catchy (we'll have you humming along in five minutes. Hopefully), raunchy, and above all, it's pure entertainment.

Live Banned :

LIVE Banned is a Comedy Rock band from Bangalore, formed in the autumn of 2010. The band has categorized their genre to an "Awesome : Indo-International Mass Music". The band’s originals and medleys are popular for their humour that is sometimes intelligent and at other times atrocious. The performances are bold, flamboyant and energetic, influenced by South Indian music, Bollywood, Disco, Pop, Rock and Metal. The band satirizes, restructures and twists popular music across genres and languages that appeals to everyone, from the man on the street to an audience from the corporate world.

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Salt Destination

Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048, India