Two Women Talking
Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield

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Two Women Talking is an original performance by Monsoon Bissell and Benaifer Bhadha with direction by Dan Milne. It is an unscripted telling in which two women weave their real life stories together stories that take place between western and eastern worlds, touching on issues of personal identity, culture, gender, sexuality, violence, illness, and tradition. Each performance has a uniqueness in that the stories told vary depending on what is alive in the listening circle. Two Women Talking explores how reclaiming narratives and listening to one another brings power, movement and change to our lives.

Our stories reside in the kitchens of India, in the bathrooms of Connecticut Boarding Schools, in the traditions that families insist on keeping, in the silence around abuse, in the isolation of mental illness and in the complexities of growing in two cultures. It is in the retelling of these stories that we hold the power to re-story our personal narratives and although there is rawness and emotion when we relive our experiences, healing occurs every time we share our stories publically. In reclaiming our narrative we have exercised a choice in how to define our identities. The work reflects our moving away from shame and frag- mentation to strength and integration. Sharing our stories with others helps make meaning of some of the most sensitive issues we all face, our intention for Two Women Talking is to invite others into this sacred space that exists between listener and teller and to inspire others to tell stories of their own.

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