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  • Poetry on Love and Children
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Over the last 200 Weeks “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” poets have wrung tears of joy, nods of recognition, fleeting smiles, happy applause, wistful memories ... and several unforgettable poems.

Every Tuesday at 8 pm Urban Solace opens itself to the limitless world of possibility that envelope Urban Solace. “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” features poets reading their own creations live at the café, in a wonderful new experience of creative self expression. Tuesday 11-8-2015 we bring you Shaun D'souza in our 214th edition of “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace”.

Featured Poet of the week: Shaun D'souza

Shaun D'souza is a student of Forensics having completed his degree and is now perusing his masters in Forensics. His fascination for the subject of Forensics was influenced by the award winning TV serial “Criminal Minds”. Shaun is also an International swimmer who has recently quit the pool to pursue his academics and to explore his creative self. His desire it to travel extensively teaching children the importance of self expression; and the need to speak up from themselves against any and all injustices they encounter

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