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Started in 1996 by Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues is the cornerstone of the V-Day movement, whose participants stage benefit performances of the show and host other related events in their communities. Such events take place worldwide each year and the performances generally benefit rape crisis centers and shelters for women, as well as similar resource centers for women.
The play, in itself, is a series of monologues written after interviewing hundreds of women from all walks of life spanning across different ages, socioeconomic groups, professions and polarizing social conditions thereby bringing out their experiences.
All the monologues are centered around a theme of female individuality and their unique (but secretly common) feminine experiences. The monologues touch upon the different aspects of these experiences with stories on love, sex, menstruation, sexuality, rape, birth, orgasms, female genital mutilation, masturbation and even the discovery of the vagina as more than just a physical part of their bodies, but the unraveling of a powerful tool for identity, empowerment and self-confidence.
The play aims at starting a conversation with women, about women and to reduce the blind eye that society turns towards the plight and understanding required for women all around us. With a combination of heart breaking true stories and humor infused recollections of personal experiences, the play strictly stays away from male bashing and reinforcing age old stereotypes to offer storytelling with a deep and powerful underlying message of female individuality and empowerment with a recurring theme that celebrates the vagina (and therefore, the female form) as the ultimate tool for enlightenment and highlighting current issues affecting women all around the world.
The audiences are treated to a roller-coaster ride of emotions and opinions with the writing aiming to bring out the voices of hundreds of experiences that often get ignored or apathetically overlooked with the simple plan to entertain and enlighten through this powerful piece of theatre.

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