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  • Mahabharata Adaptation
  • Inner Battles


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The Peacock Prince chronicles the journey of Amba, who after being rejected by Bhishma for marriage, vows to kill him. Shiva, impressed by her earnest pleas, blesses her with the fulfilment of her desire in her next birth. Reborn as Shikhandi to Drupad, the daughter is raised as a son till she meets the Yaksha, with whom she exchanges genders. The epic battle of Kurukshetra then witnesses Shikhandi, as the son of Drupad, fighting for the Pandavas and ultimately facilitating the death of Bhishma. The course of the fulfilment of Amba's vow through birth, rebirth and sexual transformation is conceptualised as a dance-dialogue that seamlessly amalgamates the spoken word with Bharatanatayam to highlight the multitude of sensibilities of the character.

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