The Halloween Castle With Viren Khanna
JW Marriott Hotel, Vittal Mallya Road

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She shouted in joy...
As she wildly waved to the DJ,
sitting on top of her boyfriends shoulders....

She thought to herself,
It doesn't get better than this...

She had never ever experienced such an amazing party in bangalore in all the years she had lived here...

As friends and friends of friends , dressed up in scary costumes danced wildly all around her....

She took a deep breath , closed her eyes in joy and thought how lucky she was to be at this incredible party......


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Viren Khanna Productions


' The Halloween Castle 2014'
Spice Terrace | JW Marriott Bengaluru.

Friday Night | 31.10.2014

As the sun set over bangalore city,
An eerie silence took over,

The one's in the know,
knew what was happening,

The silence suddenly and abruptly gave way,
to the best techno and electronic music,
the world had to offer to it's inhabitants,

As party goers dressed up as ghosts & ghouls,
screamed in joy and danced to the beat of the music,

The Swiss DJ DUO Sultan Stereo ( Florian & Pascal),
Took them on a journey through the landscape,
of the happiest electronic tunes,
known to mankind.

RSVP for the guest list,
Single Women & Couples,
before 9.45pm.

( Guest list entry is valid only to the friends of the host, members of our group and @bangalore expat club)

Rs.1500 Cover Charge Afterwards \ Couple.

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JW Marriott Hotel

24/1 Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore