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'The Beehive'

A creative and exploring space that feels that all of us have something to share, something to learn and something to create. Like a beehive where the many interlinked parts make for a beautiful whole, we hope to bring different understandings, perceptions and realisations together in these gatherings. The same sky is seen differently by every person and our ability to understand things differently is what makes us whole truly. People with straight pants, high heels, crooked noses, cheesecake lovers, funny souls, lost souls, happy souls, confused souls. Come, all of you.

On the last sunday of every month we will bring you this skittle bag of people as The Beehive, at The Humming Tree. For the launch of The Beehive we bring together writers, poets, artists, musicians, illustrators, designers, and more. There will be written word workshops, poetry readings, live art, a showcase on a discovery that we feel is amazing every month, this month being Klatsch - A collective that organised a 48 hour make-a-thon on the streets of Bangalore where 5 teams worked with passers by to create interactive art installations including a giant-sized paper plane and a popup art cafe. This followed by a special live music performance from the wonderful 'The Yellow Bucket' and it all ending in an exciting open mic night.

Every month, we bring something new. It's a participatory gathering of all the wonderful pool of talents, dreams, hopes, skills and innovations. We all share, we all learn, we all love. To be a part of a space, its wonderful people, the exchanges and stories, dragonflies, new learnings of colour, kindness, art, performance, movement, sharing, learning, exploring, experimenting, writing and just about anything else you really want to do that can be one of the most eye opening and inspiring things in life.

Winter sun and Sunday brunch if you come in early (12-4pm for the brunch) and then The Beehive for the rest of the day :) This should be your only last Sunday of the month plan.

We hope to see you all there!


The Yellow Bucket is an electro-acoustic duo from Delhi experimenting with happy, lingering melodies and harmonies, trying to re-invent acoustic music in the circuit. Ritwik and Subhadra both play and sing for different bands that work with varied electronic sounds, playing music that ranges from intense alternate to indie. The Yellow Bucket is an attempt to put together some simple acoustic songs with just a hint of electronic intervention.. Its a musical break from complications- in life and music.

=== KLATSCH ===

A confluence of artists, designers and innovators come together to collaborate for change.

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