Streaming of Artscape- Hala Muhammad: Waiting for Spring & Al Khadra: Poet
Paradigm Shift, Koramangala

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Poetry reading Al Jazeera English series

  • Poem reading - Theme Role of poem in protest
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Poems have sparked revolutions. A lot is said, and lot is unsaid in the poems, that makes them the most powerful tool of protest.

Nanak protested against the invasion of Hindostan by Babar through poems which inspired generations of his nation to rebel against tyrannical forces. In modern times th pen of Agha Shahid Ali has been far more mightier than the bullets and tanks of Indian forces in Kashmir. To revisit the strength of poems Paradigm Shift will be streaming two episodes from Al Jazeera English series: Artscape- Poets of the Protest.

Hala Muhammad- Waiting for Spring: In the film renowned and outspoken Syrian poet Hala Mohammad explains how she thinks poetry is central to the political change under way in the Middle East.

Al- Khadra- Poet of the desert: Al Khadra is a renowned Sahrawi war poetess living in the al-Auin camp in the Algerian desert. A vivid testament to 30 years of the Sahara conflict, we see how she keeps her oral poetry alive and tries to pass on her activism to the next generation.

The screening will be followed by a discussion on role of poems in protest. You're most welcome to read your poems in the discussion followed by the streaming.

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