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Stale News By Badal Sircar
Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield

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'I live in a fragmented world, a chaotic world full of contradictions; is it not absurd even to seek coherence in such an absurd world' Badal Sircar

Despite our so called development, globalization, advances in technology, access to information, and our supposed heightened social awareness, we fail to recognise and value basic human respect. The common man is getting more and more helpless and is incessantly oppressed by the system. Talking about his play Stale News, Badal Sircar said 'Should we make a play on the Santhal revolt of 1855-56, taking roles of Santhals and the oppressors? The answer was no. Then what? We shall show it from our point of view, that is, the point of view of a contemporary person belonging to the city-bred, educated middle class community. Why? Because we want to link that revolt to the present-day reality. Man is born, is educated, is constantly bombarded by lots of information from text books, newspapers, radio, literature false, half-true, irrelevant. All that happened to us, is happening to us. Through the play, our protagonist changed a little, we changed a little, and we hoped that our spectators, some of them, would change a little.'

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Jagriti Theatre

Ramagondanahalli, Varthur Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560066, India