Schweyk in the Second World War - Play
K. H. Kala Soudha, Basavanagudi

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Invited at the SmaranniK Theatre Festival 2015, Schweyk in The Second World War is a Forum-Three war musical directed by Ranjon Ghosal.The play is set in Prague in the backdrop of World War II.In a summary written for potential composer Kurt Weill, it was written: The Good Soldier Schweyk, after surviving the First World War, is still alive. Our story shows his successful efforts to survive the Second as well. The new rulers have even more grandiose and all-embracing plans than the old, which makes it even harder for today's Little Man to remain more or less alive. As Schweyk is forced into war, he manages to survive while overcoming dangerous situations in Gestapo Headquarters, a military prison, and a Voluntary Labor Service. The ending finds Schweyk lost in a snowstorm near Stalingrad. He meets an equally lost and bewildered Hitler, whose path is blocked by snow, frozen corpses, the Soviet Army, and the German people. Finally, Hitler does a grotesque dance and disappears into the snow.

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K. H. Kala Soudha

Hanumanth Nagar, Behind Ramanjaneya Temple, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560019, India