Sancho's Restaurant - Brunch in Mumbai
Sanchos Mumbai, Hinduja Junction

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Tacos Pericos, Nachos, Tortillas galore! Hit this restaurant if you’re in for an all-out mexican morning fiesta!

  • Hardcore Tex-mex restaurant
  • Nachos, Tortillas, Tacos, you name it!
  • Highly popular skewers and seafood


022 6709 4455


With pristine interiors that are sure to tingle the average shutterbug, the restaurant packs one helluva punch with its delicacies straight out of El Paso as the themed menu picks on the dormant taste buds with Nachos, Tortillas as well as the beverage menu having some of the most scintillating beverages you can ask for. The entrèes are prepared by seasoned chefs with classical herbs and gourmet sauce.

Must try dishes: Prawn taquitos with tortilla soup, Jager Shots, the restaurant’s very own menu of Mexican skewers!

Cuisines: Mexican

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All Days : 2 PM to 12:30 AM
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Sanchos Mumbai

Plot No. 604, Pinnacle House, P D, Hinduja Junction, 15th Road,, Khar West, Maharashtra 400050, India