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Rustic Rajasthan - Food Festival
The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, Residency Road

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  • Rajasthani Food Festival
  • Spicy and Delicious




The cuisine of Rajasthan is a testament to how innovative can lead to plentiful in an area of almost negligible resources. The styles of cooking that evolved over the years in this regal state served both to match the war-like lifestyle of its inhabitants while making maximum use of the offerings of the dessert. Food which could last for longer periods and eaten without heating evolved over time. The scarcity of water was compensated with the use of milk and ghee. Favorites' like Lal Maas, Ker Sangria and Dal Bati showcase this abundant nature of Rajasthani cuisine.

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Starting from Rs 375 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore

99, Residency Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560025, India