Rolling Frames Short Film Summit 2014
NIMHANS convention centre, Wilson garden

image of Rolling Frames Short Film Summit 2014

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The event provides a platform for young budding artists, animators, film makers and journalists to show case their talent and learn a lot of tricks to tackle their field of expertise. They get to network with the professionals.

  • Rolling frames short film
  • Nimhans convention centre
  • International film festival
  • Platform to show case your talent
  • Film-making, animation, VFX
  • Networking with the professionals


Are you a movie buff and movie making your passion? Have you made short film and have a dream of doing big in the film industry but don't get a chance to showcase your talent? Then here's just what you need. The rolling frames brings to you the short film festival where the big wigs will be present and you get to show case your talent. Besides this, there will be a seminar on film-making and animation, an exhibition showcasing industries/institutes related to films and animation, and networking of professionals related to films and animation, all under one roof!

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NIMHANS convention centre

Lakkasandra, Wilson Garden, Hosur Road, Marigowda Road, Hombegowda Nagar