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Here are details of the monthly ‘REACH OUT’, a social cause event of Road Thrill Community. Meeting for a Social Cause is something dear to all of us and this time we are heading out to an old age home within the city. It’s a good opportunity to meet fellow community members, being part of the social cause and in giving back to the society. All are welcome to join us in this social cause on any mode of transport.

We would be assembling at a designated point as our normal starting points, ride to a breakfast point approx 40-50 kms from the city and on way back head to the old age home for lunch and to spend some time with them. Starting points/Pitstops/Old age home address would be posted in due time.

We have planned to sponser one meal in the afternoon for all the members in the old age home with around 110 members along with meals for our members around 50 numbers. Combined costing would be approx Rs 200 to 250/- per person.

Rs.250 - 6000

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India