Realm - A dance show & craziest battle of the year
MLR Convention Centre, J.P.Nagar

image of Realm - A dance show & craziest battle of the year
  • Break Dancing
  • Street Dance


Realm is the annual dance show held by Euphoria Dance and Music Academy. It attracts participants from across Bengaluru and other cities to showcase their dancing skills. It is a platform for every dance enthusiast to exhibit their talent.

The purpose of this event is to promote and encourage the inbound talent from students of orphanages and the underprivileged enthusiasts who are unable to showcase their talent due to personal challenges. We conduct classes for special children who love dance and music. The event is also packed with lot of dance performances, acts and break-dancing battles championship (open invitation to all break-dance/street dance crews from various colleges and dance groups).

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Starting from Rs 125 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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MLR Convention Centre

Brigade Millennium, 7th Phase, J.P.Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India