Reading of "Frontiers of Karma, the Counterstroke" and "Elijah — Among the Shades of Time" by Medha Bhaskaran and Susy Mathew
Atta Galatta, 5th Block Koramangala

image of Reading of "Frontiers of Karma, the Counterstroke" and "Elijah — Among the Shades of Time" by Medha Bhaskaran and Susy Mathew


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Authors Medha Bhaskaran and Susy Mathew will be reading jointly from their books 'Frontiers of Karma, the Counterstroke' by Medha Bhaskaran and 'Elijah — Among the Shades of Time' by Susy Mathew.

Frontiers of Karma:
Frontiers of Karma trilogy chronicles the life and times of Shivaji and Aurangzeb, it also opens up to the reader the scenario of seventeenth century India. Frontiers of Karma is the story of Raja Shivaji's passion to create a swaraj for his people and Emperor Aurangzeb's pathological obsession to eliminate Shivaji and his ideology. The Counterstroke is the first part of the trilogy delineating Shivaji's astounding confrontation with Aurangzeb's brilliant politics.

About Medha:
A microbiologist who worked for food and pharmaceutical industry in India, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Medha Deshmukh-Bhaskaran has also been a health columnist for a leading newspaper in the Gulf for several years. Now, a full-time writer, she pursues her passion with zest. This is her first novel.

Elijah - Among the shades of time:

When Queen Jezebel, the most famous of all witches and High Priestess of Baal, is confronted by Elijah, prophet of Yahweh, the occult and the supernatural thunder and flash through the pages of this historical novel. In Elijah — Among the Shades of Time, mystery, danger and a sense of the forbidden weave their spells among the historical and fictional characters bringing them to lifet, to narrate a tale of ancient religions where the Sisterhood of Qedeshot — sacred prostitutes ruled: 'No one survives the Dark World; anyone they control, they destroy.'

About Susy:
A Malaysian of Indian origin, Susy Matthew came to India after completing her GCE in Sabah, Malaysia. She earned her degree in Architecture in Bangalore, India. An architect by education and a music teacher by passion, she is currently the Director of the Wings Group of Companies and lives in Bangalore with
her husband and 2 children and 3 dogs. Her debut novel , In a Bubble of Time ,was published in 2012. Elijah is her second historical novel and her third, is a work in progress.

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