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Makalidurga Trail, Bangalore

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  • Beautiful and Dense Forest
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Hello and welcome to this. Location is being decided in the poll question running below. We plan to leave Saturday evening 6 from Bangalore and head to the location. The itinerary would be
* start by 6,
* reach by 8-9 max,
* start going up by 10,
* reach final spot by 12-1.
* Maybe light a small camp fire or so
* talk till you drop (asleep or dead)
* Start coming down after sunrise
* Start back to bangalore by 9.
* Breakfast en route.

Planned rules:
1. No alcohol and no smoking. This ain't a pub.
2. You can bring any food you want, short of human flesh.
3. Any food you bring is property of the group. Sharing is caring.
4. You have to bring enough food for yourself. That way, we don't have to worry about total food planning.
5. Bring 2-3 liters of water at least.
6. Wear some good trekking shoes, normal sport shoes would also be ok if it doesn't rain.
7. If anyone spotted littering, he could be killed and buried there, Bangalore is dirty enough. Brain will be taken by Rahul.

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Makalidurga Trail

Makalidurga Trail, Makali, Karnataka 561203, India