Pitcher Perfect Live Stand-Up Comedy: Daniel Fernandes
Big Pitcher, Old airport road

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It's your weekly dose of fun & laughter. Get ready for an evening of insane humor every Sunday.
Watch Daniel Fernandes as he narrate his funny tales and tickle your funny bones. Live comedy and beers, it doesn't get any better!

Daniel said goodbye to a career in advertising to do comedy full-time because let's face it, this is more fun. No really, it is. He is a regular at comedy venues across the country and loves cats, dogs and snakes (we're not kidding). Some of his material is said to be funny while the rest is just used to kill time on stage. He is petrified of the front row and rarely picks on people on Mondays. As far as the list of 'Top 5 Comedians in India to watch out for' is concerned, he's not on it, mostly because that list does not exist! You should stop reading this and buy a ticket now!

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Big Pitcher

Old Airport Road, Next to Leela Palace Bangalore