Pitcher Perfect LIVE Stand-Up Comedy
Big Pitcher Bangalore, Old airport road

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  • Stand Up comedy with Amit Tandon


Pitcher Perfect – Live Stand Up Comedy with Amit Tandon

Family Tandoncies:

In the show, Amit takes you through his journey of growing up in an Indian household. Why will we always stay middle class? Why are Indian men brought up like dogs? Are you really middle class? Why do we hardly talk to our father? Why do sons love their mothers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having kids?

He answers it all in his storytelling, laid-back style. And of course, he talks about his wife!

Amit Tandon

Amit is known as `The married guy` in the stand-up comedy circuit. After two kids and one marriage, he realized it couldn`t get any worse and took to comedy. He dedicates all his jokes to his wife Comedy gives him the opportunity to share his pains with the world and earn some money in the process.

He is also the Host for `Grandmasters of Comedy`, one of the longest running Stand Up Comedy shows in India.

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Big Pitcher Bangalore

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