Photography Trail Of Jayanagar
Lalbagh West gate, Lal bagh road

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Lalbagh is a much visited site in Bengaluru. But only few know how to take in its true beauty. Since I was born and brought up right next to it, I know the hidden places and important places in Lalbagh that makes it even more beautiful. It is also a must visit in the city of gardens. It has beautiful flower and green dressing it and is a place of rest to some migratory birds. It makes for an exquisite photo stop.

Next we will proceed to 4th block Jayanagar which is the shopping centre of the city where life of a typical Bangalorean ensues. It has big and small shops of possibly everything from spices to clothes to jewellery. 4th block Jayanagar is not a tourist spot. It is a shoppers market for all Bangaloreans. Thus it is a wonderful opportunity to explore the undisturbed local life and do some shopping as well as photograph these colorful places. Not to mention a typical evening snack to tickle the taste buds.

Starting from Rs 200 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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Lalbagh West gate

Lal Bagh Road, Lalbagh, Mavalli Bangalore