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The PADI Open Water Diver Course is a globally recognized certification for Scuba diving. It is valid for life and has no annual membership fees or charges.

Open Water Course :

The PADI Open Water course consists of three main phases :

Knowledge Development : This is where you will learn all the Theory needed to become a PADI Open Water Certified Diver . We can offer you Three different options depending on your time or preference all of which use independent study 1 ) The good old fashioned approach where we will supply you with a Manual & show you a Training DVD followed by Classroom sessions & a small Exam . 2 ) Online using the PADI e-link by paying 146 Aus $ directly to PADI .This will give you unlimited and unrestricted access to an online version of the PADI Open Water Diver Manual both during & after you complete the Open Water Diver course . 3 ) The new Tablet version which works just the same as the PADI e-link only now it’s portable .

Confined Water Dives : This is where the fun really begins ,Our PADI Certified Scuba Instructor will build upon the knowledge you have just gained from the self study Theory sessions , During 5 sessions In a Swimming Pool ( this normally takes approx 5 hrs ) you will learn all the skills needed to enable you to proceed to the Sea .

Open water Dives : This is where you will fully experience the Underwater World . Our PADI Certified Scuba Instructor will lead you on 4 Open Water ( Sea ) Dives over 2 days where You will demonstrate the skills you have learned in the Swimming Pool.

Course cost : Rs. 24000/- (for theory, pool and sea certifications), Rs. 16000/- (for Theory and Pool Sessions) Rs. 18000/- (for Pool and Sea certifications without theory) Rs. 9000/- (for only pool sessions)
Note : these prices excludes travel and accomodation costs
PADI course prerequisites
• Must be medically fit
• Must be able to swim
• Must be Min 10 years of age
Register at our office and we will provide you with a digital manual and help from our instructor, or please find below the PADI e-learning link to complete your theory online:
Frequently Asked Questions
Q : What should I bring with me ?
A : Swim wear , Sun Screen , Towel , Sun Glasses
Q : What if I have a problem with Motion Sickness ?
A : Speak to your local Pharmacy before your experience , they have various remedies .
Q: What if I can’t complete my Dives in the 2 Days ?
A: You have 12 months to complete your course ( charges apply )
Please contact us for any clarifications and we look forward your confirmations to process for the bookings.

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Starting from Rs 6000 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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