Open Cast
Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar

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  • Story of Displaced People
  • Parallel Stories


Open Cast is written by Sandeep Shikar. It’s a story of displacement and how does it affect the people getting displaced and their relationship with other people and place. It tries to understand what is the first thing they loose and get. Is it Self Identity and Anonymity or Freedom? What is the first problem they face? Is it Language, food or being seen like an Outsider? When people get displaced, it’s not just people but the, it’s their culture also which is getting shifted from once place to other. There are 2 parallel stories, one is of people who has come to a new city for better career prospects and the other is of people who is about to leave their place as it is getting evacuated. One story is set in Delhi and other in Coal Mine of Dhanbad.

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Ranga Shankara

36/2 8th Cross II Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore