Noir - a solo show by Shankar Kendale
Kynkyny Art, Infantry Road

image of Noir - a solo show by Shankar Kendale

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  • Contemporary artist Shankar Kendale
  • Rustic Indian life


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Kynykyny Art presents NOIR, an ambient and moody show featuring the latest works of well-known contemporary artist, Shankar Kendale, that casts a luminous light on rustic Indian life. In a break from his widely loved oil-on-canvas paintings, Kendale’s newest series showcases black and white pen and ink drawings that capture village life in south and central India with a haunting intensity. Kendale turns his gaze on the world around him and finds magic in the mundane settings that we tend to gloss over, and transforms everyday objects and experiences into nuanced and entrancing art. The drawings showcase the brilliant dance of chiaroscuro – strong contrasts of light and dark, and the subtle gradations between the contrasting hues – that builds up and deepens the atmosphere.

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