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Need for weed is a satire about the legalization of weed. Siddhart has been caught for smoking weed by the obnoxious cop Ranga Gowda, Siddhart tries to convinve officer Ranga why smoking should be legal but Ranga is not impressed and takes us through a hilarious story why weed is harmful. Both of them smoke the ever so dangerous Mango Marley which puts them in awkward but amusing situations.They both go through hilarious scenarios in order to find whether there is an actual need for weed.
Need for weed is bought to you by the makers of '12 Inches','Whats up with Indian Men??','Sex,Likes & Pokes','Finding Nemos libido','What up with Bangalore women??','Hangover'.

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Starting from Rs 62 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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