Mullayanagiri - Ridge Walk - Baba Budangiri Trek
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  • Trek to the highest point in Karnataka
  • Cave exploration under the highest peak
  • Enjoy the lunch at Peace Tree
  • Volleyball Match in the meadows


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Mullayanagiri is the paradise of Western Ghats and is also the highest peak in Karnataka with coffee estates spreading at the foothills of the peak and the view captured by the eyes of the never ending meadows surrendering to the clouds from the top of the peak.

There is a cave below the Shiva temple at the highest peak of Karnataka symbolizing tranquility. Your eyes will always be mesmerized for the green lust and the white clouds passing upfront will bring a new meaning to trekking.

The lapse of meadows connects the ridge which is an opportunity for you to experience walking on the narrow path that connects two mountains with a sense of thrill on the ridge that drops on both sides.

Starting from Rs 749 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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