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The Youth Development Program - Bangalore, Wilson garden

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Bengaluru city today is home to people from diverse walks of life, to people of different ages, backgrounds, and most importantly, people with diverse outlooks toward life. As our city grows, and its citizens diversify, so do the needs, and problems, that we face here. In our busy lives, we find ourselves facing, and complaining about these problems, but more often than not, we don’t know how to correct or improve on these issues. To begin improving our city, we need to have a vision of a future Bengaluru, as seen through the eyes of our fellow citizens.

As we have many different issues to tackle, of varying degrees of difficulty in overcoming them, the best way to solve these issues is by taking up individual responsibility and gradually creating change. The ‘Mirror on the Wall’ project hopes to make people look within themselves to initiate that positive change around them.

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The Youth Development Program - Bangalore

#453, 15th Cross road, Lakkasandra, wilson garden Bangalore