Minto Bridge
Minto Bridge, Barakhamba

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Linking the Connaught Place to New Delhi Railway station, this almost dilapidated bridge draws a stunning parallel between its modernized surrounding and historical backdrop.

  • Dates back to around 1933
  • Built amidst crowded city life
  • Links CP and Railway Station


Dating back to the British era, this long standing railway under bridge, once emanating the red glisten of its bricks, today merely stands as a bridge that consumes the daily traffic of Delhi. A symbol of pre-independence era, the structure is today a carrier of massive billboards that propagates the globalizing world. Though tarnished over time, this bridge is beautified with elements such as- the eerie flight of stairs on either sides; one leading to a long-closed bar and restaurant ‘Splash’ and the other to the silent corridors of the railway office. Though once beggars and street sellers dominated the tunnel, the Commonwealth games of 2010 marked a change in its outlook. Standing beneath, you surrender to the noisy traffic of Delhi, and above, the speeding train passing by at timely intervals, making way to its final destination for the day.

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Minto Bridge

Minto Bridge, Minto Rd, Connaught Lane, Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India