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The MoB line-up includes Philipe (vocals & lead guitars), Vinoo (bass), Rauf (vocals & keyboard) and Deepak (drums).

Although Philipe, Deepak and Vinoo have been playing together since 1993, MoB as a concept and a band, was formed in 2005. Sarat Sidhan was the original Bass player for MoB. He moved out of Bangalore & MoB for professional reasons a year later.

The first difficult task was coming up with a name that suitably described the blues-rock music played by the band. After experimenting with a series of names the band finally settled on “Ministry of Blues” coined by Deepak or DK for short, which somehow seemed to sum up the overall feel of the band.

MOB performed their first gig Bangalore to all of ten people...but then The Police have actually played a gig where only three people showed up!
The subsequent performances showed a rapid recovery with turnouts ranging from crowded to over flowing to “Are you nuts?...there’s too many people in here...can’t get to the wash room!”

The success of MoB’s performances, marked by raw energy, quickly generated great interest in the band .
MOB's repertoire is a mix of classics like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Robben Ford, John Mayall, Joe Cocker, Deep Purple, Gary Moore and Eric Clapton among others. The band is known for their unique rock renditions of these classic tracks, making their music appealing to lovers of rock, rhythm and blues

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Vapour Pub and Brewery

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