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Every success story has behind it a simple act of inception.This held true for Milano, a spontaneous and passionate artist from Bangalore.His Sound is based in surging some deep electronic music with a combination of genres like minimal,deep & progressive house. Over the last few years Milano has gained an impeccable reputation as a captivating dj. His music can satisfy the likes of every futuristic music lover. Music has been a part of his life since early childhood. Years of endless experiments at home and damaging his neighbours’ power of hearing, led to Milano’s understanding of his profound interest in the _flavours of music. The simple thought of playing good, irresistible music for the happiness it brings inspired Milano. Known for his pleasant countenance, easy unaffected manners and a sound taste for music, most consider him to be the best of all combinations. His music is a congregation of melodic breakdowns with groovy baselines and uplifting conclusions. Milano sure knows how to keep the energy levels high by perpetually bowling over crowds with his technical brilliance and swift mixing style. It has been seven wicked and successful years since Milano started off. Milano’s monthly podcast Can’t get Enuff_’ is gaining in popularity and reaches out to several countries through a famous online radio station. In the year 2014 Milano decided to make a _firm move from Dubai back to motherland and is currently focusing on producing music to keep himself engaged while performing at new venues. So get a load of Milano, with a blend of gifted hands and phenomenal art of mixing music as he promises to piously deliver the best of music till hell freezes over.

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