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image of 'Meal Coupon' & 'Kivudu Sir Kivudu' - Play
  • Kannada Play
  • Drama


Meal Coupon:
As the name indicates a coupon for a savoury meal, Meal Coupon revolves around the lead actor, named Gautham, who wants to marry someone. He is in search of a bride, but he's got a casanova image. In his search for the perfect match, he finds Maya, a strong and simple woman, who sees him for exactly what he is a casanova. What happens next? What will Gautham's reaction be? Another character of note is Bhatta, who makes a mark with his political and economical commentaries.

Kivudu Saar Kivudu:
This play revolves around a government office, where all the employees are deaf, except Rajanna. He is surrounded by people who think theyre good listeners. Shadakshari, who is the manager, is also deaf, but always manages to see through a situation. He's on the verge of a second marriage, and a girl has already agreed to his proposal. However, Appa Rao, the father of the girl, has his reservations about Shadakshari's deafness. Meanwhile, Rajanna steps in to assure Appa Rao that Shadakshari is a good man, but Shadakshari misconstrues this as Rajanna trying to break his marriage up. Rajanna is in a fix!

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