Maker Weekend Workshop on Home Automation
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New technologies, as well as older technology applied in new ways, have always found their way to becoming an integral part of urban life. The advent of numerous open source hardware and software platforms has made it easier for makers to adapt technologies and put them to use in novel, interesting, and cool ways. In this context, Home Automation has been gaining increasing popularity due to the affordability, and simplicity of electronics based technology. Automated “homes of the future” integrate information technologies with the home environment, and its various systems and appliances, enabling them to communicate with one another resulting in convenience, safety benefits, and efficient energy consumption. Furthermore, the ease and simplicity of smartphone and tablet connectivity has further empowered makers in integrating technology in useful and fun ways as they control domestic activities remotely.

The sixth edition of the Maker Weekend will see Workbench Projects collaborate with Elint Labz, a hacker space (hack lab/media lab) based in Bangalore. Elint Labz, specialized in Embedded Systems and Automation will conduct a Workshop on Home Automation that will begin with an introduction to the various open source platforms that lend themselves to the workshop. Under expert guidance, registered participants will familiarise themselves with the software and hardware that they can apply to control lights, fans, and any other appliances in their homes just by a push of a button. They will have the opportunity to write programming code and employ logic as they build a mock automated home environment at the workshop venue. The sixth Maker Weekend will present a perfect opportunity for makers of all age groups to learn, experiment and apply open source technologies in bringing ease, convenience, and energy efficiency to their home environment.

Note: Participants must carry their own laptop.

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Starting from Rs 500 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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Rangoli, Metro Art Centre, MG Road, Bangalore