Maker Weekend: Workshop on Complete Bicycle Care
Rangoli - The Metro Art Center, MG road

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Rising levels of traffic and pollution have made it imperative of us to adopt alternate and environmentally friendly modes of transport. Moreover, there is an urgent need to find novel ways of solving the ‘last mile’ problem that plagues our public transport system in order to make it more effective and attractive for commuters. In this context, bicycling has emerged as one of the most popular and green ways to commute the urban jungle. Moreover, bicycling is an easily accessible and effective means of achieving a healthy and active lifestyle. Bicycling also provides an opportunity to build communities that espouse a green lifestyle.
This edition of the Maker Weekend will see Workbench Projects collaborate with field specialists Pavan Muthanna and Nikhil Ram Mohan from Crankmeister Bicycle Works to conduct a Workshop on Bicycle Care, Repair and Maintenance. This event will bring together specialists and enthusiasts to not just share their experiences and challenges, but also get their hands greasy as they learn the basics of repairing and maintaining their bicycles to keep them running smoothly.
The event will commence with a power packed panel discussion on finding ways to various issues surrounding bicycling, including problems facing our under-resourced public transport systems and safety issues related to bicycling on congested roads. Following the discussion, registered participants will work with experts to familiarise themselves with the basics of bicycle care and about latest advances in bicycle technology. All tools, equipment and materials required for the workshop will be provided.
Venue: Rangoli Metro Arts Centre, M.G. Road
Fees: Rs. 1500

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Starting from Rs 375 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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Rangoli - The Metro Art Center

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