Maker Weekend: Workshop on 3D Printing
Rangoli, MG road

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Maker Weekend's 5th Edition is on 3D printing which is the next wave on maker technology. It empowers users to make their own objects and prototypes, and devise targeted solutions for technology problems that may not have pre-existing solutions available on the open market. Moreover, creating unique solutions, prototypes, and innovations enables students as well as enthusiasts to learn by experimenting and doing as opposed to memorising study material for exams. 3D printing’s disruptive nature has led to this technology finding application in a wide range of areas starting from robotics and automobile design to jewellery design, art, and medicine.

The fifth edition of the Maker Weekend will see Workbench Projects collaborate with field specialists 3D Protomaker to conduct a workshop that caters to novices and enthusiasts as well those already familiar with 3D printing. The workshop will introduce the history and evolution of 3D printing before familiarising participants with the latest developments in this burgeoning area of technology. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to work with the various tools (both software and hardware), and learn processes involved in 3D printing. Participants will learn and implement the design software to create printable models and get up close to the 3D printers as they print various designs. This workshop will provide the perfect opportunity for all kinds of makers be it at entry level or advanced interested or involved in design, engineering, robotics and prototyping.

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Starting from Rs 375 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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Rangoli, Metro Art Centre, MG Road, Bangalore