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Stand-up comedy is an ever-growing new art form in Bangalore and it's just grown bigger. Presenting, the newest comedians to hit the scene. Be ready to fall off your seats, as they promise to make you laugh till your stomach hurts. The evening will be hosted by Ahmed Shariff and Utsav Chakravarty.

Ishan Jotshi
Ishan is a Kashmiri who donates his DNA for use in Fair & Lovely. One of the cities most talented young comedians and actors, this bright-eyed lad with a bright future did what would be considered the next logical step - joined engineering.

Rupen Paul
Strange sort of a Tamilian. Rejected by engineering. That's 2 rejections already. Basically a rejected human being.

Kiran Gowda
Kiran Gowda - carries a surname that's synonymous with laziness. A proper Kannadiga boy, he is a NIFT student who studied fashion hoping to hang out with Italian runway models but ending up hand-stitching branded European bags in Chennai warehouses.

KJeld Shreshth
Kjeld - named on one fine marijuana infused evening. And he suspects marijuana is also responsible for his existance. He has a Viking name, but his pillaging is limited only to World of Warcraft.

Rajesh Hinduja
Started doing comedy just a year back after discovering a hidden talent for it. Apperently the talent was hidden so deep down it took a while to surface !!. Has performed at Comedy Store ,Mumbai and various. locations all over Bangalore and Chennai.

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