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Jus’ Trufs & ahum ( art heart u & mind) presents " Krida" a summer theatre workshop for children. This theatre Workshop will be covering the following:
1. Physical Theatre : will cover body mobilization, identification of core of the body, different types of walks, movement in meditation, loosening of body stiffness.
2. Voice Culture : will include basic breathing exercises, exploration of vocal resonators, clarity of speech and enunciation.
3. Theatre Games : will include several games that enhance trust, confidence, group dynamics, decision making, awareness, and self-motivation.
4. Properties : will include making masks and puppets with POP and old socks. Use of these in creating stories and telling stories.
5. Story-telling and Free Speech : will include free verse exercises of poetry and haiku. Use of gibberish to emphasize on intention and lose inhibitions with regard to speech and articulation. Writing exercises will be included to teach the basic structure of a play and character building.
6. Acting a scene : Improvisation exercises and scene reading and enacting will include basics of direction, and acting.

Shakthi Ramani: Shakthi is a theatre instructor and actor with Theatre Nisha, Chennai. She has performed in over 15 plays and 5 national theatre festivals.

Meera Sitaraman: Meera works as a lighting designer, properties designer, actor and theatre instructor with Theatre Nisha, Chennai.

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