K9 Carnival - Gig for Dog shelters
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The K9 Carnival is a fundraiser for two organizations that are exemplifying love and service for dogs - and your attendance will ensure two things:
1) ACT (who require a rescue van) will be a few steps closer to purchasing a van to rescue dogs in distress. They will be able to reach more locations faster, provide immediate care and save the lives of the dogs they are called on to rescue.
2) CARE (who require an anesthetic machine) will be able to deliver quality healthcare to dogs in need, without putting them through the excruciating pain of procedure. We can help them avoid those painful tears.
The K9 Carnival will help experience the generous work that CARE and ACT do everyday for Dogs in distress. Be it rescuing injured dogs, or helping lost dogs find a home, there are thousands of untold stories that deserve attention.
CARE and ACT are both inspiring organizations that rely on dog lovers like you & me to help save more lives. They are driven by passion and serve their cause day in and day out, no matter what difficulty.
The dog shelters we are supporting will directly receive the benefit of your generosity. 100% of the proceeds from the event will go to them.

Starting from Rs 125 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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# 2D2, 4th Cross Devasandra Industrial Area, Whitefield Road, Bangalore