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A Romantic science fiction English-Hindi film “ Jupiter to India” will soon be released on Friday Sep 11/ 2015 in USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia & Middle East . The film’s producer, writer and Director is an American Scientist having PhD & Post Dooctorate from Harvard University USA .
The film is about an Alien from Jupiter , who comes to Earth to find his Love , an Alien girl who came to this Earth on a big piece of Jupiter’s stone thousands of years ago and that stone fell in India at allocation 500km from Mumbai ( which is a fact ).
The film’s theme is very unique, concept is very new .This theme and concept is 70% based on facts and 30% is fiction.The story has never been covered in any Hollywood or Bollywood cinemas before.
The Alien goes to Jupiter and Mercury to search for Hydrogen fuel and loses his age and becomes very old .The girl waits for him and eventually the Alien comes back to Earth at a very old age.
The story covers India-Pakistan friendship “ Aman ki Asha and issues like Ozone Layer ,Women rights and child labor .The film has a main character of Alien who is transformed in the shape of an American-Indian Scientist. A group of 4 Indian air force cadets studying in US , 4 girls from India and Pakistan & 4 cadets from Pakistan are students of this Lead Male role ( American –Indian Scientist ).
The lead Female is a Pakistani girl ,a daughter of Pakistani Chief Minister , who falls in love with American –Indian Scientist.
The film is 90% complete .It has four songs in English and Hindi.

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India