Jai Ho Ratna - Play
Ranga Shankara, 2nd Phase

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  • Kannada Play
  • Love in Misery and Poverty




The famous 'Ratnan Padagalu' by Sri G.P.Rajratnam offer an unique background to this play. The characters and situation flow from the poetry. Ratna, a lowly labourer finds true love in Nanji. Their pristine love blooms amidst dull dreary humdrum existence. Ratna, an optimist, finds magical romance even in his hand to mouth existence. Life is a 'song' for him to be enjoyed to the maximum.
Nanji is his counterfoil, lovingly managing the house with his meager income. Ratna, his friends and their daily escapades in the local bar lead to several delightful situations. Ratna seems to have a song for every occasion. His wit and humor get him out of all difficulties.

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Ranga Shankara

No. 36/2, 8th Cross Road, JP Nagar, 2nd Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India