Humayun’s Tomb
Humayun's Tomb, Nizamuddin

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The tomb of emperor Humayun is among the most revered in the city and is a testament of Mughal architecture at its finest.

  • First garden-tomb of the sub-continent
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Char Bagh and other Persian gardens
  • Isa Khan's tomb and mosque


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Among most of the tombs in Delhi, Humayun’s Tomb is the one that will give you the full satisfaction of amazing ancient architecture combined with a glorious history. The Mughal Emperor is said to have been laid to rest here which only goes to show what an intriguing experience this could be. Visitors will be awestruck by its sheer beauty and will always want more. The beautiful gardens and the intricate detail of the pillars and walls of the tomb is a learning experience and a thrilling one.

Price: Rs.10 for Indians, $5 for foreigners, Rs.25 per person for camcorder

Duration of visit: 2 hours

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Weekdays : 6 AM to 6 PM
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Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb, Nizamuddin, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi, Delhi 110013