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Alliance Francaise, Thimmaiah Road

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A room full of strangers, artists, lonely hearts….. Heartbreak Hotel is a place where everyone has a story to tell - you just need to know how to listen. Inspired the bar "Heartbreak Hotel" located in Bremen, Germany, artists from India and Germany invite you to get intimate with a piece that fuses dance, live music and art into a story thats shares the secrets of every man and woman..
Into the night, what will you find? Blurry eyes, the air is thick with smoke. The city is full of promises… everyone's looking for something. Neon Lights shine bright. Tomorrow will be routine. Tonight all could change to an adventurous new.
The dusty streets are a dance floor to young lovers. Drums follow them down their way back into the black of the night. The howl of the wolf is echoing on the walls. "Hey Miss Galaxy, where you going to? Can you fall in love with a stranger?"
And you know tomorrow's gonna be a new day and a new start. Not now, but soon.
Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel !
Denny Paul
Niranjan Harish
Sahiba Singh
Lional Lishoy
Anand Bhagat
Maike Hautz
Martin Basman
Tilo Schreieck
Keya D'Souza
Tickets Available At : Nivesaa - 3366, Shivajoyti Complex, 13th Main, Indiranagar,

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Starting from Rs 75 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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