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Atta Galatta, 5th Block Koramangala


to Fri, Aug 7



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  • Inner Healing
  • Inner Discovery
  • Holistic expereince




In the world we live in, information is fast, speed is paramount and mind is striving for excellence through reason and logic.

What if we take the opportunity to slow down, relax, get centered and feel our own breath and its harmony ? What if we tap into the wisdom of generations that exists in each of us ? What if we can exhale scepticism and open to something new ?

Then we begin to realize that in our hands is ability to Know ourselves and Take care of ourselves.

· Have you wondered by babies suck their thumb ?
· Why do we use our index fingers to scare ?
· Why is the middle finger used when we are angry ?
· Why do we put wedding ring on the ring finger ?

Find out how Worry, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Pretense, also called ”Attitudes”, are the result of disharmony and overburdened energy circulations across different organs of the body. Each finger is the simple unlocking key. This wisdom is not new, it has been there since time unknown though in our modern rush to "fix" and "solve" we have forgotten that body is wise and has an innate capacity and intelligence to heal itself.

NOTE - Jin Shin Jyutsu is a registered trademark of JSJ inc, Arizona

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Atta Galatta

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