Gypsy Roots: An Evening of Flamenco, Belly Dance & Kalbeliya
Kalarasa Art House, Jayanagar

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The SaraLuna Project presents an exploration of the Indian roots of Spanish Flamenco and Egyptian Bellydance in Rajasthani Kalbeliya.

A group of itinerant tribes left north-western India around the 9th century towards the Middle-East then to Russia, the Balkans and eventually Western Europe. While they go by many names under the subgroups Romani and Lomarvren in Europe, Domari in the Middle East and Lambadi in India they continued to be recognized by their exonym 'Gypsy.'

Their music and dance as influenced many modern day forms, such as North-Indian Kathak, Spanish Flamenco and Egyptian Belly dance.

We present an exploration of the dance technique and history behind two modern forms; Flamenco and Bellydance, and how they are rooted in Indian Gypsy dance, seen today in the modern form of Kalbeliya.
We hope to see you all there!

DIRECTIONS: Kalarasa is above Cafe Pascucci, on the top floor of a large shopping complex called 'the High Street', opposite Vijaya college, Jayanagar 4th Block.

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Kalarasa Art House

# 62, 6th Floor, The High street mall , 11th Main Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore