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image of Funk-Da-Soul with Vikram Hazra - Live Performance
  • Blissful Music
  • Cultures from Africa
  • Modern Devotional Music


Vikram Hazra doesn't just play music - he opens a doorway for his audiences to touch their own soul. His concerts evoke strong reactions from diverse audiences across the globe - some cry, some dance in ecstacy, some sing out loud with eyes closed, while some experience deep states of meditative bliss. A wave of positive energy floods the performance space and uplifts all those present.

Funk-Da-Soul is a unique & seamless meld of ancient Sanskrit chants with Jazz Rock sensibilities. As Vikram says, "I don't believe in 'remixes' and 'fusion' per se; the purity of the chants is maintained - I have merely changed the frame around the picture"

Indeed, there is no re-packaging, no fancy titles given to the songs, and yet Indian devotional music has never been presented like this. Vikram is widely acknowledged as being the first person to use electric guitar in this genre; and with 11 audio/video albums to his credit and packed concerts in over 45 countries, he is one of the foremost exponents of devotional music in the world.

Funk-Da-Soul presents elements from cultures like Africa and South America, moving poetry from Kabir, Meerabai, Khusrau and Guru Nanak, as well as folk compositions from remote corners of rural India, representing Vikram's personal journey of self-discovery through music.

Be there to sync with yourself and sink into bliss.

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