Teen Behenein a film by Kundan Shah
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  • Social Evil Dowry
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Teen Behnein directed by Kundan Shah throws light on the many tragic news stories of multiple suicides of three/four sisters in India due to dowry. This film makes three such sisters its protagonists. The film opens with them about to commit the act when they are interrupted and forced to postpone their deaths. What happens in this gratuitous period of six hours is the subject matter of the film. Without any flashbacks, the film brings out the essence of their lives which has led them to this decision. It explores all their joys and sorrows, and mainly, their zest for life even when death is virtually knocking at their door. They shouldn't have died. None of these girls should have ever died. How these tragedies can be avoided is the hope and the vision of this film.The screening will be followed by an interaction with Shekhar Hattangadi.

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