Farmer's Market and Gardening Fair
RR Nagar

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Oota From Your Thota (OFYT) which literally means 'food from your garden' in Kannada is a quarterly event we organise in different parts of Bangalore. Our goal is to help anyone who wants to grow their own food organically. Since it is often difficult and time consuming for gardeners to source various materials such seeds, containers, growing media, plant protection materials etc, OFYT brings together almost any gardening related resource including experienced gardeners under one roof. We also bring together wonderful organic farmers and sustainable producers so they can market their products – this spans from organic vegetables, eco-friendly cosmetics, green washing solutions, composting options and different resources to make everyday choices good for the planet. Discussions with gardening experts, films, events for children and demonstrations are all part of our events.

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RR Nagar

RR Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India