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Goethe-Institut, Indira Nagar

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Inspired by her residency at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), various conversations with scientists on campus and her perception of the mega city Bangalore Simona Koch, bangaloREsident@NCBS, developed her idea about the city as a "superorganism".

The idea of a superorganism dates back to 1851, when Herbert Spencer described society as a social-organism with organs, processes of growth and disappearance. Later, biologist William Morton Wheeler created the term “superorganism” in 1910 in relation to his work involving ants. Since then, the idea has been refined in various directions.

Based on this topic, the artist has compiled a multipiece installation: A video installation shows a small cell starting to grow and with increasing pace develops into a humongous organism that is in constant movement. To this end, Simona Koch animated city maps from six different moments of Bangalore's history with pencil drawings. Inspired by conversations with scientists at NCBS she produced an accompanying text which transforms biological phenomena to the superorganism Bangalore and describes it accordingly.

Moreover, a series of drawings and collages will be shown, which emerged on the pages of scientific books about biology and geology and, thus, address the materials of which the superorganism consists in a sensuous way.

A web of strings illustrating the evolution of the organism is also part of the installation.

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716, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, 1st Stage, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038, India