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Disrobed - Live Music
The Humming Tree, Indiranagar

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Homegrown is an Indian youth media company. They are the country's leading provokers of raw, unfiltered conversation around youth culture. If you've ever wondered how unhinged, how wonderful, and how unpredictable life in India can really get (minus all the cliches), consider Homegrown to be your rule book without the rules.

Over the past year, they have acquainted themselves with Bangalore in Myriad ways, through both editorial content and unique concept events like the Puma Keep It Real Collectors & Curators Edition, or even their graphic novels and comic book convention of sorts, which saw David Lloyd (creator of V for Vendetta) come down to interact with local artists. However, the time has come to get to know them better and we're doing it right here at The Humming Tree.

The 3 co-founders of Homegrown are coming down to interact more intimately with all of you, and give a talk, which will see them share their journey, while providing a little more insight into the creative ecosystem they're trying to develop. There will also be an open session for people to ask questions and learn more about who they are and what they do.

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The Humming Tree

12th Main Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore