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'The Bodhisattwa Trio'

“The Bodhisattwa Trio” is an Experimental Jazz Rock outfit which believes in the expression of unadulterated human feelings, in the form of unrefined powerful sounds created from energy, deep within the human soul. Drawing influences from musical ideas, musicians, feelings and experiences in their lives, the trio, with Bodhisattwa Ghosh on Guitars, Bijit Bhattacharya on Bass and Premjit Dutta on Drums delivers a mix of original songs as well as interpretations of pieces written by legends who have inspired the musicians in the band as a homage to the masters whose works have passed the trials of time to inspire generations of artists around the world.
This modern jazz rock trio from Kolkata is on an India tour to promote their new album . They will play original material from their album 'Intersections' as well as newer tunes, plus their own versions of tunes by Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, etc.

A disciple of Indian Guitar legend Amyt Datta, Bodhisattwa is essentially a Blues musician who is constantly looking to stretch the boundaries of music.
An endorsee of Fender Guitars,USA and Ernie Ball Guitar Strings, USA ,he has worked as a guitar player/composer since 2002 and played in major venues/festivals across the globe and collaborated with reputed musicians from around the world.

Bijit is one of the most talented bass players in Kolkata, actively involved in studio sessions as well as the live music sceneBijit is currently making music with “The Bodhisattwa Trio”, Electronic/Alternative outfit “Zoo”, Bee & the Buskers and folk fusion act “Charon”.


An endorsee of Drumcraft and Meinl Cymbals, Premjit is a ‘Sangeet Bisharod’ in Tabla from Bangiyo Sangeet Parishad and a Grade 8 Non-Classical Scholar under Trinity College, London.He has also been learning Latin Jazz for the last 7 years under Veteran Conguero Monojit Datta..
He has been teaching the drums at Calcutta School of Music since 2007, Calcutta Centre for Communication and Creativity from 2008 and has been conducting workshops at various institutes and organizations throughout the country.

The Singas Project

The Singas Project is a quite an usual ensemble.

It features core members/producers of the Singas project are Kores on bass guitars, v-bass synth and Zozo - piano, rhodes, synths, samplers. Nu jazz or old-school, Singas Project performs remarkable live acts which is why they have already featured in most European festivals. They even have a track on the Café del Mar compilations. They often collaborate with friends: Dalma the talented vocalist with much respect for the diverse styles stemming from jazz, Beata Rostas Piros the amazing singing sculpture, Ady the crazy saxophonist, Czimi - drum, Aron Porteleki - drum, Ferenc Koles - actor and atleast but not last TG aka SunPrince - slam, slam poetry.
Kornel Dénes Szabó: doublebass/bass, - vocal
Samu Z. Csernák: piano/keyboard/FX
Áron Pilári: drum, percussion
Lily Pilári: lead vocal

Singas LP:
Debüt Jazz - Maxi royality 2005. Chameleon Records
Soundtrapp - Maxi - royalty 2005. Chameleon Records
Yo Life 2007 Chameleon Records
This Is The Theatre Honey LP 2010 Chameleon Records
Too many girlfriends, too many boyfriend EP - 2011 Chameleon Records

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